National Auto Finance - Ally should Be Reported to the Sec or BBA

Oakdale, Louisiana 1 comment

I have tried over and over again to speak with someone from Ally that speaks English I can understand ! I have repeatedly given them my account information and for 6 months they were supposed to be taking my note out of my account!

I call them to try to straighten out the issue and they assure me everything is straight now! 3 months pass, the same thing! THIS WENT ON 6 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS! Leaving my CreDit looking bad!

When I ask to speak with an account manager, you would think you would get someone who speaks fluental English, but NO the account manager is worse! So I'm obtaining legal services to stop them from leaving my credit in ruins!

I never encountered this problem with GMAC, who had my account from the get-go! I hope my testimonial helps someone else or this makes this to the English speaking CEO of Ally

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Monetary Loss: $2500.


Memphis, Tennessee, United States #758007

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau! :sigh

National Auto Finance - Will not accept user name.

Tampa, Florida 0 comments

Telephone calls to their help desk are useless.

Have in the past used the same information but now it will not allow access. When I telephone they walk me through signing on to the login screen but that doesn't help.

Not much help after wasting a half-hour on it.

I don't need 100 words to describe this problem but am filling it in so it will meet your need for 100 words.

Ally has a help desk that has provided no help at all as they simply go through all the routine questions each time I call. That's one hundred.

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Monetary Loss: $1.

National Auto Finance - Ally Financial Customer Service is TERRIBLE!! Cannot understand them!!


Ally runs a bunch of commercials stating they offer 24/7 customer service...and they do. The customer service they offer is obviously overseas and they speak terrible English.

Come on Ally, your an American based least train your customer service reps to speak fluent English.

Also, the 4 customer service reps I just had on the phone were EXTREMELY rude. I would be embarrassed if I was management at Ally...something needs to change or I'm gone.

Had to add this for the word count..that's weird.

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Monetary Loss: $30.


Memphis, Tennessee, United States #758009


Ally Bank sucks major balls and c o c k! They can say whatever they want on their TV commercials but they still suck!

I had nothing but a hard time with them.

They are nothing but f ucking crooks! I hope the place goes out of business and burns to the ground!

National Auto Finance - Move Customer Service Back to the US, so we can understand you and you can know what we are talking about!

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

We are military and bought a vehicle through Ally because the dealer offered 0% financing if we went through them and our bank couldn't match it. It was a 5 year loan and we are on the 2nd year, when we receive orders to Europe.

Needless to say, we had to sell. We found a buyer with the best price we ever hoped to get, willing to pay outright. We leave in less than 3 weeks, so not really a huge time crunch, but getting there. When we called Ally to set up the pay off, they told us it would be 10 business days for hte payment to clear.

We couldn't wait that long, so we said we would call back after finding out some other info and what the buyer was willing to do. Buyer said they would pay at our bank, with cash...awesome. We called back to Ally and were told as long as we either: wire transferred the funds, western union/money gram, or paid via electronic debit from their website, before 3 pm, our account would be credited the same day and it would be 24-48 hours to send the lien release electronically to the dmv, where we could get it. We were so happy.

The very next day, the buyer brought the money to our bank, we made the deposit, signed a bill of sale witnessed and signed by an employee, and paid off the loan online as instructed. When we got home, we checked the account and ALL info was GONE. We called in to Ally and they said it was pending the payment and would clear in TEN BUSINESS DAYS! AND would take 3-5 bus days to process!

I asked for a manager...5 people later and find out the call center is overseas and they know nothing about banking or buying cars. I finally got through to an American in Wichita, KS who, overnight, literally solved all of our problems and has the lien release on its way to the DMV...and I have her office number to call direct for ANY other issues that hopefully won't come up. She is amazing. I blame all this *** on them sending customer service to foreign nations that have no clue about business practices, finance, banking, or anything related.

The first lady didn't even know what a "routing number" even was for the payment! Seriously?!

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National Auto Finance - Unexpected loan length

Grand Rapids, Michigan 3 comments

I took out what I believed was a five year car loan. I thought this month was the last payment.

I find out now the loan period is five years and nine months. Who takes out a car loan for five years and nine months? I would never do that without knowing. I think I got scammed.

My account number is 045912860446. I have planned on this for the last five years.

I feel very deceived and cheated. and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and the

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Monetary Loss: $3500.


Overland Park, Kansas, United States #796234

this ofice i want to speak with Attoney General this over charging should be illegal.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #758013

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Are they using a 30/360 accounting method?


What a fool. Read the paperwork you sign - it should have been obvious it was a 69 month loan. Not their fault; they were getting you the payment you told them you wanted.

National Auto Finance - Lending predators

Miami, Florida 2 comments

STAY AWAY if you want to pay extra on you principal. No matter how many times you call them or how big you write APPLY TO PRINCIPAL on your check they will only apply it to the next payment.

They will play dumb when you call them and say, don't worry it's been applied but when you check your statement, surprise. Their business is to pray on the little guys who want to pay a little extra each month and make them pay twice what they owe in the end.

My advice, get a loan from a serious lender or family and PAY OFF the entire amount. Stay away from these predators.

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Monetary Loss: $7000.



File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection bureau.

North Chicago, Illinois, United States #714202

Lisa 1-877-498-4622 Call her! :grin

National Auto Finance - Run around on refund of payments after payoff

Shreveport, Louisiana 1 comment

I just bought a new car, which resulted in a payoff of my old car. I was several months ahead on payments of my old car and according to the online payoff (which was what the new dealership paid)the over payments were not reflected in the pay off amount.

I tried to go to my online account to print this out and the account had been immediatly deleated apon reciept of payment. I called the company and talked to the rudest person I had ever delt with, I asked to speak with someone over her and she didnt want to transfer me until I asked "are you refusing to let me speak to someone else?" I finally spoke to a "supervisor" but got the same run around.

What next? Seek legal help?....

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Gilbert, Arizona, United States #679195

The dealer pays off whatever you owe and/or will add to the price if the new car . Anyone should know that before signing a contract. Nobody but you cares how many extra payments you made

National Auto Finance - Duped by Ally

Hopwood, Pennsylvania 1 comment

I have had an account with Ally for four years now. I pay my bill as soon a I get it every month.

Recently, I cosigned a lease to help a friend buy her first car. We set her up on a bank draw to make her automatic payment. I am a very busy multiple business owner. I make many car payments per month.

Somehow on ally's end, they quit sending me paper billing. I didn't realize until a full month passed and I received what I thought to be my monthly statement. Immediately I thought the new lease messed it up and had my friend check to see if they were taking my payment out of her account... They were not so I called ally.

I was told I request my billing to go to my email. Except that I have never even been on their website or requested anything from them. I don't even have a personal email account.

When I asked them where they were sending it, they gave me an email address that I haven't had in nearly four years. Now they want to charge me for what they did without my permission.

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Monetary Loss: $50.


Syracuse, New York, United States #939144

Your contact info is YOUR responsibility. Really? Stop wasting everyone's time with self-inflicted problems and complaints!

National Auto Finance - Worst Car Loan Company I've Encountered

Louisville, Kentucky 0 comments

I had been paying each month for a year on my new car when I got behind on my bills. I was two payments behind and Ally had my vehicle repossessed on a Sunday morning (when the Ally offices are closed) to a different state with a repossession company that was closed that day as well.

I tried to go online to pay my past due in full and the Ally website was down for a payment; which has happened several times in the first year of making payments. No car even after a year of accurate payments, no website to pay, and a closed office for phone payments in the year 2013…really? They are the worst loan company I've ever encountered.

To top it all off, when I did get behind, they started calling me upwards of 5 times a day 6 days a week to remind me to pay my bill. Once they are paid off, I will never get a loan with them again.

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National Auto Finance - Ally Bank

Saint Louis, Missouri 2 comments

The auto dealer sent these morons the first two months worth of payments. These morons repeatedlt called and asked where my payment was. I explained, they said it was taken care of, they called I explained and the said it was taken care. This process went on and on until they said...well we need a security deposit so you will have to make another payment. They then exzplained I actually pay for the vehicle each month before I use the car. Most finance company your payment is due with in the first 30 days. Not with Ally.. You pay before you use the vehicle.

This is the last time I will use ALLY bank and save yourself a ton of hassel and dont finance with them. Chose any other institution.

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #743765

I suggest you file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I also suggest researching Ally and other issues/complaints from other people.

Hope this helps.


very bad bad customer service and company.

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