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National Auto Finance / Ally bank (Ally is national auto finance bank)have very bad customer service. We thought they where good due to our payments being so low, But every since we have had them they have done nothing but harass us!

They call you at least 5 times a day even at mid-night. Even when you do give them money they call you the next day demanding more money! Then they accuse you of not cooperating with them even after you give them money!

even when you say you will make the payment.. They do nothing but harass and i wish i never went with them!I know that We will probably get someone else to refinance us very soon cause I know we the customers are right!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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They say I owe 0 BUT according to my paperwork I need to pay another year on this car I don't trust them ...I don't want to come to my car being repo'd because they can't get their act together unorganized online I have a balance of $5000 but on the phone they say I owe zero :?

to justowl Mandeville, Louisiana, United States #591521

tell them to send u the title if u dont owe them anything!


Actually, paying my account off, in full, did not solve it until I paid it off, AGAIN, with various added (seemingly very unfair) late fees, etc. The only time they actually sent me a statement in the mail was to complain about $113.90 LATE, and this was residual after I had already paid them off... Too many exceptions, arguments, and excuses for their failures to communicate for me!


what i am talking about is the way they speak to someone! thats where i feel i am right, you cant call people and keep being rude to them when you explain over and over that you will pay on this day and they say you arent working with them when in fact you are..

We just made a huge move due to my husbands work and that cost lots of money.. we fell behind less then a month that does not give them the right to say we arent working with them when we actually are. That does not give them a right to call us at midnight and call anyones work if we are working with them! when we say we are gonna pay we actually pay.Also when you ask to speak with the higher ups then they should let you not refuse to let you speak to them!

i understand that i am wrong for not paying on time but people do have their struggles. They need to acknowlege that their customer service needs to be addressed!


The customer is NOT always right. Paying your bills on time, IN FULL will probably stop those annoying calls immediately.

But you do have a legitimate claim when it comes to the calls after midnight. It is against the law. The Fair Debt Collection act states that you are not to get calls after 9pm. Report to the proper authorities.

Good luck. :)

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