National Auto Finance - Never advising anyone to use this company

Birmingham, Alabama 0 comments

A good friend of mine inherited a large sum of money, enough to pay off her car. So; n yesterday she contacted these crooks to discuss pay off.

Throughout the conversation the representative never informed the customer her car was up for repossession, the car not was only 6 days late as of yesterday. So my neighbor tries to pay the car off over the phone and the report refused payment and advised my neighbor it had to be a cashiers check. My neighbor mother passed and she inherited enough to buy eight of the automobiles that she currently has financed through these crooks. My neighbor goes to pick her daughter up from her first day at her new job and when they come out the car has been shut down.

My neighbor who is asthmatic, grew up set because the car wouldn't start, ambulances had to be called to her daughters job And not finding out later until her insurance sends tow truck That the rep she was talking to shut the car down because anytime you call them and use the term pay off they shut your car down.

My neighbor was only six days latde and has had a time holding on to things she inherited in her moms death But her lump sum has come through and she paid off one car over the phone yesterday and why this company National Auto Finance was so EVIL to her is just absurd. I will never advise anyone to use these crooks.

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National Auto Finance - Really Ally!

Memphis, Tennessee 1 comment

I had my Corvette paid off and requested a e mail copy to confirm this. They said fax only.

I drove down to the local office supply company and called them with a fax number. I explained that I am standing in the store and waiting. Two hours and no fax. Three more calls and they care less.

I have always paid my account early and extra each month on the payment. I will never allow a dealer to finance me again with Ally. Is this how you act for a simple request I would hate to see a real problem!

I am still here waiting on the fax.

Customer service is not in there vocabulary.

Never again will you see my business. Sorry Ally you proved to be a total loss to service.

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Well im not surprised you had that experience. ally bank autos customer service is now outsourced through sykes asia a call center company who gets rid of there experienced agents and replaces them with new ones that dont know *** about the processes so as to save money on salary cost of their people.

National Auto Finance - Hidden charges after car lease is paid off

Denver, Colorado 1 comment
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ally auto loans is trying to charge me a $2,500 penalty for buying my car off after the lease loan has expired and when you ask them why they says it's a profit for them... stay away from this lender and if you find yourself looking for a car at a dealer that uses ally run and run fast to another dealer that doesn't use ally!!!!

they only use open ended leases too so theres no way out without loosing your saving account, and you know no one's going to explain this to you at the time your signing the papers.. beware!!!!!

customer service is not helpful at all!!!! they outsource there center to panama another reason not to support them!!!!!!!

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Monetary Loss: $2500.



Outsource is why I can hardly understand what they are saying,because

their English is very poor. I'm not saying this to attack them, but

rather making a statement about outsourcing to a foreign country. Asia,Panama, Phillipines, wherever????

National Auto Finance - Lease Extension which turned into reposession!


My wife and I were doing OK until her unemployment ran out in January. Things got a little tight but still OK until I had to deal with ALLY, nobody wants to have financial trouble.

I was just starting to fall behind and ALLY offered a lease extension sounded good putting my payments I missed at the end of my lease no big deal. I assumed after that we were current and I could continue making payments like normal but nope not with good old ally. What I didn't know then was extensions on leases were pointless because you would be going over contracted months, which is what the foreign customer "care" rep told me after the repossessed. They left that little part out when they offered it to me.

So come March they had the car repossessed saying I was three months past due after giving proof February's payment cleared. So why did I pay $450 for a lease extension I DIDN'T get because once again its ALLY. Thanks ally for making a rough patch in our lives ten times harder until that finally leaves our credit report 7 years or so.

Ally will NEVER get anybody's business we know EVER! What sucks for them is I work at a car dealership!

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Monetary Loss: $450.

National Auto Finance - ALLY FINANCIAL IS A JOKE

Cincinnati, Ohio 0 comments
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I leased my car through Ally despite the "bad faith" allegations people have commented about Ally. Needless to say they have truly lived up to theor reputation.

Not only when you call, you never speak to a plain english speaking person, but are put on hold more than 4 times. I have a "Co signor" on my lease to lower the lease rate. According to Ally they are considered a "co buyer."

With that being said, I have been 1 day late on my payment over my 9 months of payments. Ally proceeded to call my "co signor" and not myself and send threatening letters to both of us. Of course, the payment being one day late was received and accounted for before the letters and calls started.

I have spoken to Ally "supervisors" 4 times and hung up on 3 of them. According to the lease agreement there is a ten day "float" time on the payments....

Not only are you given incorrect information, but they can not understand their own agreements.

If the calls and letters continue, I will be placing a BBB complaint and legal action for misrepresentation and harassment.

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Monetary Loss: $35.

National Auto Finance - Internet Doesn't Work Processing Payments and Threatening Phone Calls


You can never contact anyone in the country where you bought the car. You can be on the phone for hours without speaking with someone who can say more than you owe us money or spend your time on the website, which sometimes doesn't work processing your payment.

Then they will call you saying you didn't make a payment when you did.

Never was I late or ask for an extension, yet they threatened to send me to the Credit Bureau. After transferring you to other call centers only God knows where, two hours later, and you still may not get correct information on your account.

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National Auto Finance - Liars !!!

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When speaking with the "customer care" representative, I was asked to be on hold for about 30 seconds. After Josephine retrieved her translated to her language version book on how to refinance a vehicle,7 minutes to be exact, we then mysteriously got disconnected.

After waiting another 8 minutes to contact a "customer care" agent, the information that Josephine and I had not been recorded in the computer.

So, in closing, instead of a 2.90% interest rate, I will be getting paperwork in the mail with the increased increased interest rate that is unknown. The new "customer care" representative Paul could not disclose that information to me and I would ave to wait for paperwork to be surprised.

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Yeah they really cant tell you what the new rate is...

The reason is they cant see it. When you ask for refinancing/he renewal/ rewrite...

The agents run your account on a system then they get an estimated amount for the revision of your rate or payments.

As for what the actual rate they wouldnt know since after they submit your data it still has to be reviewed by someone in another department and then paperwork will be sent to you showing the new rate which of course you can accept of deny.

National Auto Finance - Can't speak to someone other than the person who answered the phone in the Phillipines.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 comment

Wanted to talk about refinancing was told they can pass me on to no one else. Ask the man where are you and he said the Philippines and was not allowed to pass me on to any one else.

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Yes you can you just have to insist. Sorry lol!

National Auto Finance - Harrassment

Houston, Texas 1 comment

I purchased my car in 2009 with financing from National Auto. I traded the car in after hitting hard times and not being able to pay the 405.00 car payment for a smaller car payment which absorbed my remaining balance.

I deployed shortly after. I have since been harassed and threatened, I have been called a liar and screamed at. I was going to provide them with the info that they needed to recover the funds but as my attorney instructed me after being slandered and harassed that I do not have any obligation to assist them.

I used to have an agent that was always helpful and courteous, since July I have been harrassed by a man named Joey. I have contacted my cell phone provider and my attorney at this point!

I also gave all info to my three credit bureaus so they removed the late payments from my credit! HA HA take that JOEY you get nothing from being ugly with me!

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Four main banking institutions that engage in auto lending may face a case from the CFPB. Discriminatory auto lending practices are alleged, violations that if proven true would be in violation of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. When have you desired additional info about a new or used automobile and turned to an internet search on “refinance a car?”

National Auto Finance - Ally auto sucks

Shreveport, Louisiana 1 comment
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Update by user Oct 19, 2012

Ally did give mE my money back after 7 days . It just sucks they took the money and caused me to be binded with my other bills , and nobody seems to know what is going on there.

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2012

I traded my truck in on 8-13-12 Ford had it paid off by 8-17-12 , Ally pulled a payment out of my account on 8-15-12 as usual. Ally send me my overpayment back in a check after 2 weeks...

At this point every thing is cool. Now on 9-14-12 they take another payment out of my account, why are they taking a payment when the truck is payed off? I call Ally Monday on 9-17-12. They tell me they have no record of that payment and that the truck is payed off.

They say maybe my bank sent the payment, my bank doesn't send payment ally auto drafts it. So I talk with bank they say ally drafted it I need to talk to ally. Again ally has no record of this payment. So back to the bank some one has my $446 .

Bank puts a stop from ally drafting my acct anymore , bank says call ally back in acouple days maybe it has not cleared on their end yet. Ok I call ally on 9-18-12 same thing ally has no record of payment, I ask to speak with a supervisor 30 min later they come to the phone, they now tell me they got the payment and it will be a 10 day hold and it will be credited back to my acct after 10 days, in the mean time I have a new truck payment to make. They also tell me the bank sends the money to a third party and from the third party to them. I can call the third party and have them revert it and it will only take 72 hours, they say the car dealer is the third party.

So ok I call the dealer they say they have nothing to do with payments from the bank to ally. So is ally just saying anything to get me off the phone. Will I ever see my money again?

Ill be back in 10 days and keep you posted. Ally sucks!

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Monetary Loss: $466.



Please send your name and the best contact number to and a member of Ally's customer relations team will contact you.

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