the people at national auto finance are very rude and hateful. they call and when you tell them the reasons that you can not make a payment, when they are suppose to type it in the computer, they don't.

then when the next person you talk to you have to explain everything again. i have talk to a person name lawrence and kent they are very hateful people. we are having sone financial problems at this time and i also have medical problems and was hospitilized and could not make a payment when i said, i called this company and explained, but they do not care, this company takes advantage of people with bad credit and the interest rate is so high it is almost inpossible to get the balance paid down. everything goes toward the interest.

they take advantage of decent hard working americans just trying to stay afloat in this econmony. so my advise to anyone when go to purchase a auto and your credit is not that great, and the dealer wants you to finance through national auto fianance, run as fast as you can/

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