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National Auto Finance Company

Acct. No. 215912647876

Actt. Type. Retail FFP

Buyer: Anthony Ortega

Vehicle Desc.: 2008 Kia Rio

Transaction details:

Date - 04/29/2008

Pymnt Amt - 99.94

FINANCE CHARGES - 200.16 !!!

Total Paid - 300.10

Would YOU pay this much interest? This is not fair and I truly believe this company is taking advantage of me due to my "not so good credit".

I would surely appreciate your assistance. I don't know where else to go.

Please Assist! Whom may I call to have my financing changed?

Thank you So Very Much.



(512) 351-2659

Monetary Loss: $13485.

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Debbie sounds like a sub prime borrower too! If you earn bad credit you will pay high rates.


To the rude dude..There are actually people in this world that possibly do not make the money you make and are trying to stay afloat or trying to re-establish themselves..This company has rude arrogant people that will not work one inch with you. They do call you at least 10 times a day starting at 7:45am til 9pm and then they look up people in the phonebook with your same last name and call them also to see if your related..When you do try to call and work something out all they can say is "are you going to make a payment today or not" or "we can come and get it today if you dont pay today" It is very high interest but you gotta do what you are able to do to get a car for work etc..So maybe we all dont have the advantage you have, it doesnt mean we are not trying. We are all working class people just trying to get by..


You have crappy credit and are complaining because someone ACTUALLY took a chance and loaned you money??? :roll


@dude i dnt think your comment was helpful at all.that was very rude to say that to anthony.i for one agree that you are paying to much in intrest.if it helps you some i have a 07'hyuandi elantra ant i pay 489.85 finaced the car with my trade off for 20,000 dollars well guess what i only went down 1,000 in my principle.paying already 12,000 in to the car.not even touching my killing me and the sad thing is that you dnt know that youve been srewed until money gets tight.i plan on sending the car back .if it hit the credit owell.i can always repair it all i need is time to fix it.and i wont be the first and or the last.

Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom #26358

As a subprime you should be happy to get financed....No one forced you to take the deal,

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